Question about playermodel


So my question is that I want to be able to use my playermodel as a poseable ragdoll with the color of the outfit included. So for example if I’m a citizen I want to be able to have him/her wearing a red shirt if I have my playermodel color set to red. I used to find a way to do this with evolve admin mod and context menu model manipulator menu. What I would do is ragdoll myself with evolve, use the context menu and select my ragdolled self, open up the context menu, then click copy model (from the context menu model manipulator addon) and then unragdoll myself, spawn another ragdoll and paste the copied model onto it and voila, I would have my playermodel into a posable ragdoll with the colored clothing included. (not to mention the playermodels are more detailed than the standard ragdolls.) However for some reason this doesn’t work anymore, (and I’m not sure why). I really want to be able to do this so if anyone can help me out or offer any suggestions I appreciate it! If you have any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer it the best I can.

Heres the context model manipulator addon I was talking about:

EDIT: Nevermind I found a solution! I happen to stumble upon this addon! It’s an addon that lets you color playermodel ragdolls. And I followed the directions on it’s description page to find the playermodel ragdolls in the browse menu under games > garry’s mod > player

So looks like I’m marking this as solved.