Question about project generation

I noticed through livestreams/screenshots of people with keys that they have to launch GenerateProjects.bat to generate a solution file with the required addons. Is that going to be kept in the future or will it be automated? I feel like messing around with solutions/projects isn’t going to be simple for server owners.

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prolly kept

This should clear everything up.

Generating Project

After you have created your .addon file, you will now be able to use the GenerateProjects batch file located in the addons folder, which will create a csproject and allow you to easily see the code/content in base, rust, citizen, and other addons you have in the addons directory.

Important! You must have .NET 5.0 to run the GenerateProjects, if you do not have this run the batch file through command prompt and then go to the link given when it errors out!

After you have generated your project, open the Addons solution where you can access your freshly generated csproj file for your addon.

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That wasn’t my question, I was wondering if they were going to keep it, or make it automatic (and therefore a little simpler for users) in the future.

Its only needed if developing a new addon, if you already have one downloaded it will just load, it just sets up the basic structure and a few required files.

If they plan to code their own stuff they’ll be ready for this. It’s clearly stated in the wiki and it’s just clicking a single bat file :v

Oh I’m sorry, I was too tired. Was at 2 am and reed your question wrong.

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You don’t need to generate the solutions. It’s just convenient for editing the code to have a solution.


Alright, thanks!

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