Question about Propper and func_detail

So everyone who knows the basics in mapping also knows you can optimise your map by making certain brushes details. Now from what I’ve been told, some use Propper to turn certain brushwork into models instead of using func_detail.
What’s the difference between these two, and which would be more effective in lowering fps-drainage and compilation ETA?

func_detail still counts towards the entity limit; using propper is usually a way to cut down the number of entities in the map if you’re nearing the limit.

Be aware that static prop lighting in Source isn’t the greatest. You can compile with -staticproplighting, but that increases your compile time exponentially.

It doesn’t actually increase it as much as you might think - in my opinion, it’s well worth the trade off.

In **most **scenario’s, static props are much cheaper than brushwork - this is why the newer source games tend to use them over world brushes.

To be frank, just try either and see which one looks the best. Both have their uses, but static props have many advantages such as LoD and fading at a distance which brush work simply does not have.

My general rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t block visibility, the player doesn’t stand on it then try and static prop it - if the lighting looks poor on it, then back to func_detail you go!

At the end of the day, it’s very situational. If you need the extra FPS, then the poor lighting might be a trade off you’re willing to accept; it’s all about balance.

Edit: Just to add**, **Func_detail and prop_static both count towards the internal VBSP entity count. In-game, func_details and prop_statics become part of the world and so do not use up edicts (The in-game entity count).