Question about PUBLIC release for all to try.

Hey guys,

Has anything been mentioned from the Devs when we can expect to see a Public Alpha release for everyone,or a Open Beta?


(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))


Just got to wait like the rest of us.

So they have not said anything about dates etc?

Im not asking for a key right now.

Maybe the next few weeks I read somewhere? Could be completely wrong, but hopefully by the end of June!

This question has been asked numerous times.

the answer is WHEN IT IS DONE


The server has to be wiped because it gets filled to capacity in like 3 days. If it was open to everyone imagine how fast the server would fill up.

THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION in this forum ! All people just know the word “WAIT” and say it everywhere on every post…

and ask for a key and you will be ban ! Thanks to moderators !

So we just have to SHUT UP and wait like sheeps…

There is a sticky at the top of the forum section that clearly states the rules, that’s the reason you get banned when you ask for a key.

If you can’t understand why everyone can’t play the game right now then you shouldn’t be in a testing phase for the game anyways. Come back in 6 months and stop posting on the forums. Thanks.

a Dev responded to a tweet on jul 10th asking about possibly an open beta or alpha, The dev responded with “couple of weeks” So I think We’ll find ourselves in open beta in maybe 1 week, This picture is copied from another users post so you can all see.

Couple of weeks…like 10 or 20.

… or maybe 216

Couple of weeks.

That’s pretty entertaining, But it would make sense for them to rush into open beta, They can take advantage of the hype Without giving out copies of the game in the form of alpha keys, Since Garry said people with alpha keys won’t have to buy the game they can’t give out too many.

It wouldn’t make any sense to rush to open Beta.

The game has practically no content.
There’s one server right now, and it can’t handle the load of a few hundred players.
Hacks are rampant, and the anti-cheating system is fucked and banning legit players.
The Unity engine is balls, and can’t handle the amount of items and NPCs generated for a sustained period of time without having a breakdown that fucks the whole game world up.
There are still tonnes of bugs to iron out and new content to add, which will lead to more potential bugs.

If this game is rushed to Beta to appease a bunch of rabid “fans” who will probably stop playing as soon as they realize how horribly incomplete the game is, it will be a tragic error in judgement. It’s one thing to cash in on hype, and another thing to actually deliver a quality product with some sustainability.

Open beta doesn’t = full game, It not having enough content is a weak argument for it not to go into open beta, The devs may have updates we don’t know about that they haven’t released yet, As far as hackers go, They will have to fix that before open beta, But if they’ve been working on all this stuff for a while, The open beta launching in 1-2 weeks from now is not too crazy of an idea, But they will probably go into closed beta first, To test out servers / anti cheat, and release alot of closed beta keys that don’t come with a copy of the game.

Closed Alpha, then potential Open Alpha, then Closed Beta, then potential Open Beta, then release. That’s the most common sequence of game development, and they don’t need to be rushed.

You’re probably right, If the game is full of hackers I’m afraid they won’t go into open alpha, especially since they have thousands of people wanting to play that can’t, It would probably break their servers, It just seems odd that a dev would respond to a tweet that way, If they aren’t really ready to release an open alpha/beta pretty soon.

No shit…

My point is that Rust is not ready for Beta. I’d say Rust is about 10% of a full game (that’s being generous). You want them to rush this skeleton of a game to Beta? For hype? REALLY??? Prepare for it to suck. Oh, and enjoy the community.

sheeps isn’t a word. You’re a sheep, though.