Question about pvp and frame lockup

So i have a really solid gaming pc, i7 oc 4ghz 16gb ram, 7970 etc etc

anyways i have zero issue playing any game on max settings including dayz, farcry3 crysis 2 and skyrim heavily modded max gfx with ENB series.

I normally get 60+ frames in games with everything maxed so i consider my computer very good.

Now in rust i have an issue, basically everything seems fine in the game and when i run along every now and then my screen locks up for a split second, i put this down to the really large wood structures rendering and it’s more of an issue with the game then my pc.
That’s fine but my main issue is when I’m in pvp, i notice if i get close to more then 1 enemy in pvp and they are shooting at me, my screen can sometimes lock up for 1-2 seconds before unlocking, if im not dead at this point then it does it again as they start shooting at me.

My question is this, does everyone have the same issue, or can someone offer some advise to fix this, it’s very frustrating when I’m in full Kevlar, m4 etc and I’m fighting a guy in full cloth with an mp5, knowing i am already beating him in a fight only to loose as he or myself get closer to each other.


Yes, everyone feels this. They have been working to try to fix the massive structure rendering. Also, when you die you lag because you are dropping all of your armor (which lags for some reason) and you wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise.

I don’t get that lag…

It’s not when i die, it’s during a fight, sometimes i lag for 2-3 seconds solid then come out of the frame lock and im still alive, its more to do with being in a fight with someone close to me, i dont know what is causing it

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again just lost 2 sets of kevlar and 2 m4’s to a guy raiding my house who wasnt as geared, same thing happens i shoot at him game freezes and im dead after the freeze, had nothing to do with not using med kits, was just he fires 1 shot im locked up, makes me sad because i truly love this game.

Sorry I do not get lag when I die. You have been misinformed.

Can we get a confirm that it’s still happening? It was fine yesterday for me but every now and then the screen freezes up.