Question about Roleplay Script

(I didn’t know where to put this so I just stuck it in here)

I’ve been looking all over + facepunch for a solid, easy-to-edit roleplay script and I couldn’t find one, they all either suck, require SQL files (Which I couldn’t access) or couldn’t/too hard to modify

Any ideas?

DarkRP? It’s solid and easy-to-edit.

…And please don’t just tell me “darkrp sux”. Tell me why.

I’ve never tried DarkRP, but I heard it was very mingey.

“Order AK47S”

But I might give it a try, I could probably edit the shipment stuff out.

Please THINK for a second. If YOU are running a DarkRP server does it make YOU a minge?

Not really, if you’re a minge, then its because you act like one. If you have DarkRP, you just ain’t no super big RP fan.

My point exactly. :slight_smile: DarkRP is what you make of it. You could make it into the best roleplay in the world if you want to.

Thanks guys, I’ll try DarkRP after school.