Question About Roleplay

I have gotten a nice 32 slot roleplay server and was hoping to make it a big thing. What’s the most popular roleplay gamemode and map nowadays?

I would advise using Dark RP and get around the clock administrators who makes reports on minges and other things. I believe you also should run your server on a very unknown of map. Finding hidden Gems is an amazing experience.

I just wish there was a DarkRP with no guns. I might just go with GMod RP 5 Beta 2…

I wouldn’t advise Gmod RP… Boredom is a shitload worse then Dark RP.

A DarkRP-server needs good admins who aren’t afraid to kick or ban people. Otherwise DMers and other minges will ruin it :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark RP is certainly the most popular…
Although, the crowds it attracts are certainly not the sort of people I’d want in MY server.

If you’ve got a 32 slot, and you enjoy DarkRP, then go for it.
If you’d rather do some actual serious roleplaying, then I’d advise cakescript or tacoscript.

And the map all depends what themed roleplay you’re running.
If it’s just a generic Real-life RP, then downtown, or Evocity are fairly popular.
Otherwise, it’s all up to you.

The only problem is, with Cakescript you won’t see such a large population join, but the fact it can be modified makes it great for making a new mode. Tacoscript is a bitch to set up right if I remember, and much like Cakescript, you won’t see near as many players as you would on more public modes.

Go with DarkRP, it’s not hard to edit the guns out, but I would only recommend you edit out the overkill guns (assualt rifles, powerful SMGs, snipers, shotguns) leaving just pistols and jam the prices right up so they are harder to get to. Fairly simple task now too. Also, run a map that isn’t used by every server, so instead of running the overused downtown maps, run something more interesting (OMGCity, you know, maps you don’t see often).

If this doesn’t really feel right to you, then try one of the more advanced modes.

That’s a good choice. GModRP is fairly moddable, so you can add anything you want.

hexpunK also has a good idea.