Question about Rust the Game

Hi all, hope you all had a splendid weekend thus far,
I Was thinking about purchasing the [Rust] game via steam, i was wondering
about death penalties/punishment through out the game, with your character?
Let’s just say when you die, do you lose all your gear and have to recollect everything all over again?
Sorry if i ask a silly irritating question, but i want to know before i purchase the game. If so I’ll look
forward to seeing you all in-game in the future. I would love to search the forums and find the answer
but i am such a busy individual.

Hope i am not asking for too much…
But anyways.

THANKS IN ADVANCE :slight_smile:


the answer to your question is yes, unless the server is modded in a way that lets you keep your stuff. to have things safe that you won’t lose when you die, but that others can still steal from, you can build containers to put your things in.

also, don’t sign your posts

yeap you lost everything, but you can build a home and put stuff in that… can gathering to make it better. if you die and have some bag ou bed in game, can spawn in it… i play it, even just can enter in weekend and are amazing

The only thing you keep is blueprints. But even they get reset every month

Blueprints don’t get reseted every month unless you play on a server where they do this.