Question About Rust

Hello everyone,
So I bought a rust key about a month ago, I played it for a while but then I got busy with school and work. Now when I go to, it seems like I cannot login and play the game? Did I just waste another $30? I know that the game is now available on steam, but what happened with my $30? Plus, it was told that people who buy the key will have free access to the full game/alpha/beta. How can I do that? Thanks.

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try playing through steam, your account should already be identified as one that has entered the key

I never provided my steam name to How can they know my account? But I will give it a try now.

UPDATE: Nope, I don’t have Rust for free on Steam.

log into old.playrust then click the ‘steam key’ tab.

Maybe if you looked around the forums you would’ve got your answer. Anyway I’ll save you some seconds of searching. Rust moved to Steam so you need to get your steam key at Then use your key to activate Rust on Steam. You do this by going to your steam library and clicking add a game on the bottom left corner.

Thanks, that was very helpful.