Question about server monetization: Are there any official rules on whats allowed and whats not?

Hi, i’ve got a background modding servers in ARMA, and am looking at GMod to expand into. In ARMA, there are strict rules what servers can and cannot monetize on penalty of having your server revoked, and the jist of it is:

You cannot monetize someone else’s addon(Mod) without their written permission, and they may revoke it at any time.
You cannot port assets from other games into your mod at all.
You cannot force users to pay for exclusive, “better” items. No pay to win basically is how that one usually gets interpreted.
You must register your server with Bohemia to monetize it.

However, with some research, I see a whole lot of servers generating revenue using mods they didn’t contact the author for, I see a ton of copyrighted trademarks in the form of assets and even in server names themselves, and you can buy pretty much anything in the right server.

So, specifically:

What can an author do to protect his work, or does he not own it?

What consequences could a server/developer face for breaking rules?

TLDR, has there been any official “guidelines” or “rules” released on server monitisation, or is it completely laissez faire?

Will they tell you that you cant do it? Yes.
Can you still do it? Yes.
Will they do anything about it? No.
Can they do anything about it? No.

Incase you don’t feel like reading Garry’s Tweet: Yes.

Do note however that if you aren’t careful about it you can end up dropping your playercount harder than a new born child down a flight of stairs.

Yeah it seems like there is actually nothing official, however, if you buy a server from anyone in the US, they’re subject to DCMA requests. So that’s basically the only way to protect your server besides brigading or other really sketchy means.

Thanks guys!

I’d focus on doing cosmetics only if you’re going to have any sort of donations/purchases. Otherwise you can very quickly ruin the balance of your server.

Using others work without permission (or not by license) is forbidden by law in my country anyway (Germany) and I guess in others like US too. Also in Germany everything is automatically copyrighted.

Garrysmod doesn’t forbid anything regarding commercialisation.
So basically you have to:

  1. Respect the law in your country
  2. As a consequence of 1. you have to follow the licenses of the things you wish to use

Also I hate when game developers allow modding, but place restrictions on commercialisation, (like Minecraft, where it isn’t allowed to give your players any items for donations etc.), as modding costs time and should be honoured. Which is luckily not the case in garrysmod.