Question About Server Wipes

Okay, so I’ve heard that there is a new duping bug…
When it gets patched, Garry wipes the server right?

So my question is revolving around the fact that I’m a new player who finally has been able to establish myself with a small 2 foundation home and gotten a workbench, furnace, storage, and a decent amount of ammo for my gun (I’m even getting resources for my friend who will soon purchase Rust). Will the wipe remove everything from my player inventory? When I log out I keep all of my valuables on my person so they cant be stolen.

I just really don’t want to lose all of the stuff I gathered.

Any feedback is appreciated unless its negative.

Everything will be gone. Every character gets deleted.

That’s really depressing :expressionless:

Will there 100% for sure be a wipe after the bug is fixed? :frowning:

Its more depressing when you finally build 6+ metal doors just to encounter a duper who got 100+ C4 to raid your house.

Those fixes are needed and cant be done without a wipe. Anyways when you play this game and get too attached to your items you wont have fun in the long term. I would advise everyone to play for the experience rather then just trying to “horde” items.

It’s not that I get attached to item or hording them, it’s just REALLY difficult as a solo/duo player to get like one weapon and a small house or something to then try and raid. (without getting shot in the back by an M4)

yeah the wipes suck and its even harding to start out when there is a wipe cause everyone is killing everyone to get resources but then again its nice not to have huge buildings everywhere and people that have so much gear they just go out and slaughter everyone in there path. A wipe is nice though. Yeah recollecting the bps and wepons and ammo is kind of annoying but then atleast it give you something to do in the game again.