Question about setting up a Rust server.

I just got a rust server and install Oxide. I have 2 questions.

  1. I have a Rust server but I wanted to know where and how do I edit the file to do a /starter kit for noobies. I want to give then few pieces of cooked chicken, clothes armor, stone hatchet etc etc… where do I go for that.

  2. I’m giving admin to 2 friends of mine. How do I edit there admin powers. I want to just give them enough power for them to kick/ban cheaters. But I don’t want them to spawn resources etc etc.

No one?

  1. Mods
  2. Mods

Oxide is a little bit complicated. If you want something more user-friendly I would recommend installing Rust++ or Rust Essentials.

With Rust Essentials it’s very simple to edit the /starter kit and add even more kits. It’s also pretty simple to add admins / moderators that can kick/ban players from the server.