Question about Spacing (Lua)

Hello guys, well i’ve been looking for this before but i didn’t get it hehe … i’ve found a Law system to HUD instead of using the normal Law Board … they’re using this function

local Laws = {
	"Do not attack other citizens except in self-defence.",
	"Do not steal or break in to peoples homes.",
	"Money printers/drugs are illegal.",

function DrawLaws()
	local X = ScrW()-500
	local Y = 0
	local W = 500

	surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 200 )
	surface.DrawRect( X, Y, W, 35+(#Laws*20) )

hook.Add("HUDPaint", "DrawLaws", DrawLaws)

local function AddLaw( um )

	print("Catched by Lawshud")
	table.insert( Laws, um:ReadString() )

usermessage.Hook("DRP_AddLaw", AddLaw )

local function RemoveLaw( um )

	table.remove( Laws, um:ReadChar() )
usermessage.Hook("DRP_RemoveLaw", RemoveLaw )

I’m wondering if i want to make an agenda based on this, how i’m suposed to get the #Laws*20 but for the agenda ? huh any idea ? thanks !