Question about Structural Integrity

First off, this new update is fucking sweet! Great job guys. I’m not one to bitch and moan about bugs that you guys are clearly going to fix when you can, so I only have 1 question about this system.

The first thing I thought when the video showed the falling walls was “oh god my poor processor is gonna fry”. Am I right to be thinking this? Is having every building part coded like that going to stress my system more than it already is? I understand the optimization part will come later, so I will be patient but I just wanna know if I should favor low-pop servers to compensate.

EDIT: Just joined a server of 20/50 people to test performance(without building) and I actually got 40+ frames with most of the display options turned on, which I haven’t gotten since walls didn’t have textures. Good sign so far, but I died to wolves over and over so I couldn’t test building. I’m very happy so far. Going to join a heavily populated server and see what that yeilds.

basically the way i understand it, it really shouldn’t have any impact on performance.
i was reading up on unity physx earlier, and thats what i got out of a quick skim.

I will take your word for it sir, thank you for the quick response.

I like the new system but there is a glitch where some building parts wont stabilize and continually fall apart. Im still trying to figure out if there is a reason for this but thus far all i can confirm is thT its only happening beyond the second floor for me and seems to happen more the higher i go. Wondering if its something to do with foundation levels. I updraged the outside ring of my 5x5 base and had this issue on third floor. Later upgraded the inside foundadtions and it seemed to get better but i didnt have much time to confirm this