question about teaming up with friends

all of us guys at work picked up this game today. When we all join the same server will we spawn by each other or will we have to run around till we find each other?

Find each other

damn. thanks

If you learn the map its quite easy to find each other. I suggest learning the area around the hangar first and then branch out from there. You can also press F1 and type in suicide to get a respawn.

there are only a few places that you spawn in. You can suicide around the map till you all get near the same landmark. Or you can meet up on the map some place, but that one be as easy till you learn your way around.

or the way me and my buddy did it was find the road and someone just stayed by the road and gathered materials when the other guy ran the road. (the road is a huge circle so you will find them over time)

or like the last guy said, figure out the spawn locations (thats prolly much faster)

The best moments are when your find your friends after walking throughout the map searching for an hour or so.