Question about textures.

Hey guys,

I’m working on my first 3d model in 3ds max. It’s supposed to be a hat that can be used in Cs:s. Now I have some problems.

I made it using Wall Worm Model Tool, and the model is working finally but it won’t load the textures. Now I did some research and I found that I had to use Tga Bitmaps in the Diffuse slots, but how does this work and how do I fix this?

If anyone is willing to help me in anyway, (including over steam/teamspeak/teamviewer) that would be great.

Thanks in advance,

you only have to use tga textures for wallworm model tools to convert them I think. Essentially it isn’t needed to have the textures in .tga format prior to converting. If you ignore what WW says you can use your texture format of choice and then convert it to .vtf using vtfedit, which supports many image formats.

Unless… you mean you don’t have a texture at all that’s rendered to an image. If that’s the case, then I can’t really help you there. But maybe you could experiment around with the “render to texture” option in 3ds max to get a material as an image, and then finally convert it to .vtf