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Hello all . I am very new and still learning the rules of the fourm , and the question I am about to ask has already been answered just please send me in the right direction. But my question is that i know the experimental branch is like the “new” branch to Rust. But whenever I try to launch it my graphics card literally crashes. Now i know it says stay away and i would never consider hastling the devs about a branch that says STAY AWAY in title , but i am wondering if my video card will be able to handle the “new” Rust at all. I have an HP ProBook 4540s with CORE i5, I don’t know if that helps to answer my question . Thank you all again , this has just been making me nervous.

Well, you said that your graphic cards almost crashed when you went to the experimental beta…
So logically… No it’s doesn’t sadly… :suicide:

But hey, in a few more years, Garry will make the game for low ends PCs and Macs. :smile:

Does the non-experimental build crash on you? Because the experimental build is raw and unstable.

Yes, it’s sound like it dose.

It’s funny how the OP never said anything about what happens with Rust normally, only when launching the experimental branch.

That’s why I’m asking.

The experimental branch is unstable for normal rigs, because it is only optimized to work properly with the developers specs for now. When the experimental branch becomes the new Rust, it will be optimized more properly and will run better for the rest of us.

Just as a side note, if you run the dev branch, you can’t throw supply signals.

While I liked the fov option, it is not worth sacrificing getting explosives.

The standard non experimental branch works perfect for me . I can run at all setting but grass on and get 60+ frames. That’s why i was so confused , i didn’t know if the new brance used a graphics interface that wouldn’t be supported by my computer.

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Okay. Thank you very much . That’s all I was worried about.