Question about the Tf2 gamemode?

I want to play this awesome gamemode with friends, but the problem is that when they want to spawn stuff, their Q menu doesnt open. I can open it, but nobody else can. I know the gamemode is pre-alpha, but has anyone else had the problem? Do other people need the gamemode?

anyone know why?

Hey, why didn’t you just post in the thread? :v:
Anyway, that’s pretty weird, I never got that kind of problem when testing on my server, everyone can spam NPCs fine. Do you have any other addon that might screw everything up, or something?

everythings fine, the thing is that i disabled file downloading in the server. One friend joined and said every weapon said “scripted weapon” should i enable file downloading in my server? someone started a dedicated server with this gamemode and the spawn menu worked.

You must have downloading enabled.

Wrong Section

This. The gamemode is pretty much unplayable without clientside files.

With your join date and number of posts, you seem to be very well placed for posting this kind of stuff.

What specefic game mode are we talking about?

Killburn’s Team Fortress 2 gamemode, but I fixed the problem already

nvm. let this thread die