Question about the upcoming Update for Rust

So, I understand that there will be a somewhat major update for Rust this Thurday. Will this update mean that all the servers will force wipe due to the update? Or only the maps, not the blueprints (I’ve heard they have done that as well, tell me if I’m wrong). Thanks!

These threads happen every week, now, and it’s silly. Play like it doesn’t matter, or don’t bother playing if it matters that much to you.

Expect partial and total wipes frequently during alpha.

Why do you always talk down to people elix? He was asking a civil question about wipes and losing BP’s. If you don’t know the answer, simply don’t comment.

I would like to know if we lose BP’s.

Yes, I would also like to know. If it is to be a total wipe, then I may change the map seed

Elix, Who do you think you’re talking to, buddy? I know about the frequent wipes, I’ve been playing Rust for over a year and a half now with over 600 hours. I’m not bragging, just letting you know that I’m not a noob. I’m asking a simple question that is very specific. If you can’t answer it, then don’t reply to the threat with this macho man bullcrap. I’m obviously not the only person that’s wondering what this next update will bring in terms of server force wiping.

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Thread*. Apologies for the little typo.

With plenty of information listed in detail on so many fronts, is it really necessary to write a thread (which btw happens every week here) where you could find the information out probably quicker if you just did your own research?
I think this is why Elix is saying what was said. When you see these posts week after week it becomes rather annoying when all the OP has to do is read?

Lord, where would the information be at? I have not seen any information on YouTube, on the actual update post by the devs (They said it would be Thursday, no info on wipe). Could you give me the link to where I can find the info?

I like to come to one forum and not have to check through dozens of forums. Why does it bother people that he asked a reasonable question?

Jump, Agreed.

even if he can be coarse, i agree with elix. there’s not really any point worrying one way or the other; there will be a wipe eventually, if not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow than the next day.

sure it might be nice to know exactly what gets wiped and when, but it’s beside the point. eventually it will be erased, so either play like it doesn’t matter, or don’t play until it’s more stable. as for what and when, i think most people make educated guesses based on the twitter feed (protocol tweets tend to suggest a wipe) or from rustafied discussion/posts; sometimes the team let us know in devblogs, but it’s really just a matter of time…don’t get too attached in between.

If you check its all there.

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like a lot of steam games they never come out of alpha or beta (Legacy stayed in alpha), and so I agree it is a fair question.

the FP Forum Moderator should re-route or move the post to a common thread like other forums do or answer the question.

There will be a map wipe only from what I have read about the upcoming update.

Hi! I actually havent played in… I dont even know… 9 months? I have seen tons of great new changes but last I knew, everything was still on the experimental server and not out for every one… has that changed?

so… is that a yes? lol - i see the change list, but is it for all servers now?

In other words, should I re-install the game a try it?

New rust is awesome man, you should at least give it a try.

Will do … thanks!