[Question] About the wipeout tomorrow..?

Am… As I know, tomorrow, there’s going to be a wipeout.
I’d like to know, if the wipeout is going to be only for the buildings, the entire world, or even our items, inventory, and bluprints?
Thanks :wink:

Where did you get this information?

Complete wipe - will clear everything: every building and every inventory. Everybody will have to play as naked dudes again.

yep complete wipe on the servers that have "By playrust.eu I belive

Such a big change, it’s going to be hard again to get the M4, Explosives, Kevlar and MP5A5?
Oh… I’ll miss those weapons :stuck_out_tongue: But this is a good move, no more noobs with m4.

Can we get an official response on this? Where did this come from and is it going to happen tomorrow?