question about tickrate

hello so I have 40 slot prop hunt server and every now and then the server crashes for running at max cpu usage. my tickrate is currently at 33, would it help this problem if i say lowered it to 22?

Is it crashing or is your host restarting the server?

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It’s come to my attention that NFO will restart any shared server using a lot of CPU for more then five minutes. I’m sure other hosts do the same - if that’s the case you need to bring it up with them.

well yeah it restarts the server for using to much cpu usage. I talked to one of people at NFO and they said to either remove some addons or lower the tickrate. im just wondering how it would perform at 22 tickrate

To clarify this is a full 40 slot server or does it only have 10-20 players?

Ask them to move you to a E3 node since it’s entirely possible you will hit 100% of a core on a E5 node (depends on the CPU they use) with 40 players.