Question about ULX Mod Update

I just did an SVN update for ULX and ULib, and noticed this in the console:

Is this anything to worry about? The version I had was like 3.4, or whatever you can download from the site, and I updated via SVN.


I’m also seeing this as soon as people join, over and over again… They’re not even typing anything… Let alone a ULX command…

Looks like something’s fucked up. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Your ulx configuration file has commands that are outdated. You are getting those invalid commands after the first player has joined and not after that, aren’t you?
Get the latest config and … reconfigure.

It could also be that a/the developer(s)(Hello Megiddo :)) did something without testing. I wouldn’t really suggest using SVN for production without a fallback to previous version in case of a f*ckup.

Where’s the latest config at? What files am I overwriting exactly?

These directories were downloaded from scratch:


They’re in /data/ulib