Question about VAC

Hello everyone,

Before i get any rant over me, I am not banned and this isnt a unban request thread.
I don’t know much about computers and stuff like that, just like to play games.
For other (offline) games I use razor game booster to boost up my game a little bit.
But on threads I see that Vac bans injections of Rust or something?
Does razor game booster also count as an injector?



Why not read Valve’s own documentation about the topic?

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It’s also amazing what Google searching for 2 seconds can do. Literally the first hit is a Steam forums thread about this exact question.

Short answer, Razor Game Booster is not an injection tool, as it merely manages system resources to concentrate them on the game you’re playing. Something that gave you a crosshair overlay by injecting itself into the game process would count as, yup, an injection and would very likely trigger a VAC ban.