Question about Weapons

So i’m beginning a new server for TTT and i’m needing only one question answered;

How in the hell do I go about changing the default CS:S weapon Skins/Sounds/Models/etc? I’m not wanting it to be client-side where ONLY myself uses the skins, I want the server to force the players to download the skins I have “installed” for each weapon. I’m going to start with the deagle, thus using this skin for an example; Is it at all possible to use this skin (or whatever you want to call it) to replace the default skin for the Deagle in the server for everyone that joins my server?

ANY Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

BUMP, Really needing help with this one little thing. If you can help me, please add me on Steam!

Name is Serfma/R3d4awk on STEAM.

This isn’t possible

Please post questions in the help and support section in the future

Wouldn’t it be possible to create a second set of weapons that are basically clones of the vanilla ones (Damage/handling/etc) but they instead use the updated models? I know i’ll have to go to each and every map and replace the weapon spawns for the newer/upgraded ones.