Question about workshop addons

Ok what I want to know about workshop addons is that will it slow down gmod if you have too many of them just like legacy addons? I figured since I can’t fix my problem with gmod not starting up (freezes at the background screen) I’m just going to assume I have too many workshop addons (I only have like 5-6 legacy addons so that can’t be the problem). I remember before the steampipe update I never had an issue like this. I had tons of workshop addons and the game would start up fine. I will unsubscribe to addons that I no longer care for if having too many will affect how fast gmod starts up.

I appreciate any information/help to this question.

Try disabling all your addons (don’t unsubscribe yet) and see if it makes a difference to you.

Well I tried disabling all of them that didn’t work unfortunately. When I tried disabling all of them it froze for a while like 3 minutes. I tried both the non-dev branch and the dev branch. I also noticed whenever I disconnect whether it’s single or multiplayer that it will also freeze up the game similar to when I start up gmod, or if I am disabling or enabling all addons, even an individual one. When addons are installing and/or updating, when it finishes the last addon it will freeze for that long period of time. Even when I quit the game it will freeze up for a while before finally going to the desktop. This is unbelievable I didn’t get the symptoms of it disconnecting slowly and quitting the game slowly until recently. Almost everything I do I have to wait an extended amount of time.

I’m guessing this means I’m going to have to delete addons… unless there are still other things to try. Yesterday I uninstalled steam completely reinstalled it along with my games and it’s still doing this. By the way I still don’t know what Garry did in that patch where one of the change logs said that addons should load much faster. I would think workshop addons should load pretty smoothly. Since support threads aren’t allowed on the github issues repository, I don’t have any chance of Garry noticing this.

Post on the Rolling Updates thread to get some attention on it. I don’t know exactly what Garry did to “speed up” addon loading.

I spotted that on this update if your curious where Garry mentioned that. Well I guess I’ll try posting on the rolling updates thread and if nobody replies there I’ll just make a thread in the moaner’s club fourm.