[Question] are Beta keys going to be on sale or not

my friends wanted to know if beta keys are gonna be on sale on the playrust site or not and if so ,
are they gonna be in auction style or a set price.

How could you miss the sticky at the top of the forum?

Keys have been on sale for weeks.

Thats not what he means. I think he is asking about once its actually on steam. If it will just give you a steam key instead.

Once Rust goes through Greenlight, it will be sold on Steam the normal way, I’d imagine. The current Dutch auction thing is a way of satisfying the demand for early access.

ya yur right bro

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i know it will be sold on steam once it goes through greenlight but im asking like before greenlight cause it wont pass greenlight on its 1st day… and garry said he wont be selling the game on steam when it hits beta… so wat abt the playrust website it self… and also when does it go on steam.

This isn’t very clear. Gary did say that during the first phase of Steam, that it wouldn’t be available for purchase through steam but all the alpha testers already in would get steam keys. He did not specify if the keys would still be available through playrust.com at this time. So we may have a small window where keys aren’t being sold but I’m sure it won’t be long before you can just get it through steam. But as to the auction thing, once it moves fully to Steam, like for sale and all, well Steam doesn’t do auctions for games so it’d have to be a set price but we have no idea what that price will be. Plus there is nothing stopping Gary from auctioning off Steam keys from his site if he so wishes.

Read this fucking thread garry started literally an hour before you made this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1318227

He says nothing about halting sales of keys during this period of giving alpha testers Steam keys before Rust is actually for sale on Steam. Therefore I’d expect that if you bought Rust through a Dutch auction after the Steam version started being used, your key would be for a Steam version, or there will be a Steam key separate from your game key that you redeem later, or something.


garry is like partnered with valve isn’t he?

I read that keys will not be sold for beta, only when the full game release comes. Look at Garry’s thread just around page 1.

You are honestly the stupidest person i have ever had reply to my thread… what part of playrust website dont u get… he will be giving alpha players beta keys but wont be selling beta keys ons team… so only alpha players will take part in beta… my question is what abt the website is he still gonna sell beta keys on his site but not on steam u stupid faggot. gosh srsly read the whole thread and replies before acting like a right fuck.

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Rust is separate from Gmod and garry has already said that he’ll put it through greenlight instead of relying on Gmod to coast in. I can’t be arsed to search for it when OP is working on getting it locked like that.

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Once Rust goes on Steam, they’re still going to sell through their website, and use the auction method to give Steam keys for the game.

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Rust is already on Steam.