Question - Best Server Host Provider

Hello all,
I am looking to setup a server for a community of RP’rs that I play with to create a storyline based RP-PVE PVP server. After looking at the few hosts providers that are listed on the site. I am trying to find out the best choice in server host. I know the saying you get what you pay for, cheaper is better for our pockets, but I don’t want the server to be down all the time due to the poor provider. Any suggestions in providers that folks have used, good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

Go Multiplay!

Don’t go Multiplay, for now anyways. I am sure their hosting rocks but for the time being they don’t support mods, their servers are branded by default, they dont give you ftp access and they don’t use TCadmin 2 (clanforge).

I think you are better off with Here you get FTP access that allows you to upload your custom files. They support mod loaders like Rust++ and Oxide, their servers are Unbranded and my experience with them are nothing but good.

My personal opinion.

I’ve only used HFB and they’re pretty good but like any company they have their issues, but I’ve waitlisted myself for BMRF because their support team seems very realistic and response times are outstanding fast (most likely because they don’t have that many e-mails but still) also what they have to offer seems really nice

I wouldn’t go with multiplay – they seem really locked down for people who want to add more to their servers

HFb is a no. Too much downtime and not that great ping.

Multiplay has terrible customer service but I hear the servers are good.

Avoid HFB. If nothing else, it took them over 36 hours to set up my friend’s server. He rented it around noon on a Friday, it wasn’t up and running until sometime early Sunday morning.

Look for nitrous-network have got a server with this website they are really good and you’ve got a full FTP access.

I read all these negative HFB comments suggesting downtime and figured I would comment. I have had HFB for a month and have had 0 minutes downtime. We had one instance of DDoS that made the game a little unplayable, but only for 20 minutes before it was cleared up. I ordered on a Thursday evening and was playing Friday afternoon. We rarely have lag issues. They have recently added more tools to the Control Panel as well. Just thought I would share a positive experience since everyone only posts the bad.

I’m using FPS, my server was set up 3hours after purchase, I have full control on mod managing, controled wipes, and everything is really user friendly. The 100 slot server came included 10 slot teamspeak server so that was a real plus!

The same for me…
I dont understand why so much complain about HFB!
I have a server for 1 month and almost 0 min downtime! Support is ok, they have mods/plugins and added many more tools for Control Panel!

Almost forgot… my server was set up in 30 min!

I have had a multiplay server for almost a week now. I love the clanforge that they use for server setup. I have used tc2admin several times in the past, but clanforge is much cleaner and easier to use.

I see several people saying don’t go with them because of their lack of mods/customization and the user is restricted to certain things. I have to completely disagree with this information. They have almost every single mod or work in progress listed for me to install on my server, as long as the mod uses a config file you can edit and modify anything you want to. Every single day they upload the latest updates/versions to the server so you can keep up on the updates.

They do only use oxide right now, so if you want to use oxide I would 100% recommend multiplay. The customer service does seem a bit slow right now, but they do respond. You can only imagine how busy these providers are right now, no one was prepared for how big this game would get in such little time. They are trying to hire people to help, so they are doing it the right way.

tl;dr I have had zero issues with multiplay and recommend 100% if you like oxide mod.

I second Nitrous! very helpful and full control over your server…Fastest OXIDE update as well! =)

HFB seems good for some, but are you willing to gamble on the offchance that you are on a hub that is down this frequently?

Our server has been down for 8+ hours 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Its just unreliable and they dont respond to your tickets when you ask about it until over 16 hours after the issue is already resolved.