[QUESTION]Bolt action rifle

I wonder how the ironsights on the bolt action rifle works. I first had the impression that the bullets would hit at the top of the middle iron pin, but I diddnt seem to be hitting anything at range. I then started aiming with the tops of the two outer pins and centering the targets between them, however I never seemed to get any headshots. I started aiming with the empty space in the middle of the iron sigth and this seems to work, but I am still a bit unsure. does anyone of you know where on the ironsights the bullets do hit?

Thanks in advance

position the tip of the center pin in the middle of your targets head

Get the target between the side posts and you’ll hit it. if you’re aiming for head shots, well that depends on the shot group of the Bolt at whatever distance.

Why use irons sights over holo?