Question 'bout Garry's Mod org regarding uploading things you didn't make

Hello Garry’s Mod community! I’m glad to be with you from now on. But I’ve a few questions.
So I’ve started in Garry’s Mod a few days ago and I already getting the way into it. I mean, understanding the basics of modding, skinning etc. So will the community respect the mod have. So I was confident in making my first mod for

As my first addon i’ve made a fully working Adrian Shephard playermodel using Romkas HECU Marines. I couldnt find it anywhere. The only one I found is a Skin here for it needs the original playermodel who doesnt exists in any more.
I’ve found around the internet (in a Freesteam site wich the purpose is mirrors to pirated copies of Garry’s Mod) the file with a few bugs. So I’ve fixed the bugs and added it to Addon system, complete with Icon to extensions etc. On my way to post it on BANG this massage:

****Your STEAM account will get banned if you upload PORN or things you didn’t make (this includes wiremod, advanced duplicator etc). If your account gets banned you won’t be able to download. You won’t be able to re-register. Your STEAM account will be banned.

You Will Also Be Banned If You Upload: • Backgrounds • Background Maps • Menu Music • Saves • Advanced Duplications


Why is my words are in bold? Anyway, this massage screwed the hell out of me. This discouraged me to up my first mod as I was afraid cause I’ve not done the model and skin whatsoever. It was Romka. Even if I credited him propertly in the mod files, I’m afraid anyone reports it or it detects in a automatic system and ban my Steam Account I’ve fighted a lot to buy the games. Yeah, I’m Brazilian, which means a poor guy. My salary is 'bout like 50 dollars for “normal people” who live in good countries.

But the real deal is: Why i’m still in bold words? Just kidding.
Can I upload fixed abandoned files from other people (giving the propper credits, of course) on who aren’t on the site anymore? Or even only fixed files? The system (if theres one) would consider the file myself?

That’s my actual question and I hope you guys understand my fear. So, that’s it for now.

See ya guys! I’m enjoying the community so far!


I would say that it should be perfectly fine to upload little things like what you have there that you made using resources you didn’t make, as long as you give credit to the authors of the used resources.

And permission from the creator helps a lot too.

But there’s such a thing as an “auto-detector”? There is a chance of my account is going to be “auto-ban” mistalke or some sort of thing like that?

Nothing happens when u upload a adv dupe u made urself, so u know that

Sorry, but what u mean with “adv dupe”?

He’s stating that ‘advanced duplications’ are not allowed to be uploaded anymore, as they are used in the Toybox. However, since almost nobody gets banned from uploading them,
I believe he’s saying that you can go ahead and upload.

Oh I see. Advanced duplications are for those items made IN Garry’s Mod and saved to use later, like a car and etc. I’m earning courage to start a upload but I’m still a little afraid of the chances of getting my account banned.

If the content you’ve made is actually worthwhile and not something that can be considered a throwaway five second thing you should be fine.

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Now, back to the topic.

Thx for explaining it.

Well, sorry for bringing that flame post.
Indeed; back to the topic, you should be safe, as long as you give credits to people.

I know a few people that have been banned because they uploaded adv dupes files/backgrounds, etc., but I guess that’s not the case…