Question concerning admin bans

I have two screenshots of what looks like admin abuse (I took a picture of all the text, not just the part that said blablabla gave blablabla to blablabla). I know that admins can be banned on official servers for abuse but what about community and modded servers not owned directly by Facepunch.

up to the server owner i guess.

most of the time, the admin is the “hand of god” and they aren’t going to get banned for doing their job.

lmao why would Rust devs get banned from their own servers for “admin abuse”? The only people who’ll get banned on official servers for abusing admin commands would be if regular players figured out exploits to gain admin when they shouldn’t.

Community server admin abuse is up to the server owner to handle, and your definition of admin abuse may not be the same as the server admin’s. There is no way to get the devs to control the admin on a community-run server, that’d be like Valve suddenly dropping into a TF2 community server and telling the admin he’s not allowed to kick people for being rude or something.

Ok thanks