Question Concerning Map optimization

I’m building a train map, and in order to at least try to optimize the map I am going to divide the map up into many segments. I was wondering: whats a good size for each segment so I can do a lot in one segment, but not too much to prevent lag?

That optimization guide doesn’t really help out open world levels.

You don’t really need to split it up. Edit a skybox texture by adding a gradient that goes from the bottom to about 10% - 20% above the horizon line. The color of that gradient will be your fog color as well (just copy over the RGB values you used in the gradient). Add a clip plane that is just beyond the fog end distance. This will allow almost all of your geometry to disappear without any visual artifacts. For props, set fade distances for each of them to something that will make them disappear when they become too small to really notice.

This. Use fog. Helps render nearby things only. Unless you want to snipe something .25 miles away.


snipe something?
I though it was a train map LOL
but yeah fog and 3d skybox unless you want it to be all open etc…
use cordon tool also and stay away from the hollow box technique shown in youtube tutorials. dont over do it with water and displacements either as these can conflict (if done wrong) and cause leaks and your water to not work at all
You dont want a flatgrass map with tracks nor do you want a 150Mb + map that will lag so a well rounded map should work.
custom textures if your going to use them you should include in a texture pack for the end user (Not recommended for EP2 and portal textures due to copyrights)… I stay away from those groups of textures because its a 50-50 on who has the games and who dont.
Also make sure your track curves are not too sharp (like the 90’s in the PHX pack on use the arch tool to draw the curve rails. Also clip tool is your best friend on train maps, you will be clipping alot of rails.
Every little bit helps in reducing unneeded brushes.
Also NoDraw parts that the player will not be seeing like undersides of floors, etc.

Overall you will have to play around with what works for optimization and so on. Everyones PC is different, though they won’t admit its their video hardware or other PC parts that are 5 years outdated but rather blame it on your map… So get ready for that too.

Doesn’t mean someone’s not going to want to do something crazy like snipe someone out of a train.

I know but it was kinda funny at the time

What? That makes very little sense. It’s as if you didn’t actually say anything at all…

First off, A 3D skybox is usually a requirement for any complete map to be taken seriously, and fog is an invaluable tool in any map, especially open maps.

The cordon tool is to be use ONLY for testing and WIP. you should always surround your map with a box of sky, just not a massive box, something which fits the unique size and shape of your playable area. making a very high box for the sky is useless if the players will spend all their time on the ground.

there are some things you should probably know before talking about, good sir.