Question considering 3D

(Unsure if this is the right place to ask this)

I always wanted to make 3D models for games: hats,weapons,characters,etc; But I could never figure out how to handle the 3D modelling software well. I knows there’s plenty of videos, but for example, look at this guy’s work. Basically, what Im asking of here (quite requiring) is for someone to actually explain to me the process of making stuff like this, I am aware that the hero model was imported and then made on, but for example, how could I make a sword? I am sorry for asking this but I have some amazing ideas of what to make, I just don’t have anyone to show me how to properly use 3D modelling software (I know I can watch a video, but Im sure it’s not as good as having someone explain it to me). Thank you.

Grab tutorials, get (legitimately) some modeling software, such as Blender which is free and open-source.

Then just start messing with it and play around. Get familiar with the environment and what things do. Follow tutorials to help, and actually try and copy what they’re doing. Don’t worry about the artistic quality of your early messing around. You don’t have to show anyone.

Once you’ve had some practice, you’ll start to have a better idea on how to use it. Tutorials and guides to model things will make more sense as you become familiar with the tools. And you won’t get familiar with the tools if I just lecture you on how to model, you need to get in there yourself and mess around.