[question] converting ingame props into mdl?

Hi guys :smiley:
i like to build ships with sbep.
than i try to make dem drivable but… if i move them, they collide, or however you like to call it…
so i want to know, if it is possible to convert such ingame props (is it the right word??? sry, I’m a bit nooby) into one mdl file?
thanks :smiley:
LG zocker1996

… they are .mdl otherwise they wouldn’t work. but you can decompile them and merge them in blender, or just use the nocollide and weld tools in gmod

ok, thanks für that fasst answer :smiley:
i usualy use the sbep part assambler… but i think there is an integratet nocolide tool?

comes with the game

i have heared of a tool to bring props to a map and save them on it. so if i do so an than convert the bsp to a vmf and delete all but the things i brought to the map, will i be able to convert the vmf to a mdl?