| Question | Default Language?

Does Anybody of you Guys know, how i set an Default Language on my TTT Server?
I need to Set it on German…

I Had the Idea of deleting every other Language File but, im not Sure that this would Help…


Hi GambarojaLP,

If I recall correctly in the Trouble in Terrorist Town game-mode there’s a server ConVar that allows you to change the default language (English) that’s currently set to another language that’s available in the ‘lang’ folder.

Have you tried typing “ttt_lang_serverdefault german” in either the developer console which can be accessed by pressing ‘~’ if you’ve checked the box for ‘Enable Developer Console’ in your Garry’s Mod options and/or the server console?

Kind regards,

Just stick “ttt_lang_serverdefault german” (without quotes) in your server.cfg file and restart the server.

I love how the guy above you made a detailed and polite reply, and you went with “yeah you do this and this and you’re done k cya”, pretty straightforward