Question for a GMod Lua Pro

Does this create unnecessary networked variables?

local e = FindMetaTable("Entity")
function e:MyFunction()

When compared with:

function MyFunction(ent)


I ask this because, here: garry says:

Garry doesn’t explicitly mention NW Vars there, just “entity’s variables”…

If I’ve interpreted garry’s words correctly, that means that a declared function (as a property of an entity) gets networked (or at least a string of its reference)… doesn’t it? I thought that was why we NWVars in the first place… because the properties are not networked… Unless garry means NWvars and I’m going insane…

garry… are you there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither create networked variables, they’ll just create a variable serverside or clientside.

entity:SetNW [ VAR ] isn’t the same as entity.var - the first is networked between the server and the client, while the second is only used in the state it is declared in.

That’s exactly what I thought - garry should have been more clear. Thanks. And who rated me dumb?

A few idiots who have no idea what you’re talking about, no worries, just let it go.

Agreed. I’ve been using my own method based on umsg and checksums to update the state and members of organizations between server and client in SeriousRP. NWvars or lots of umsgs = lag, lag, lag.