Question for Advanced derma coders.

Ok i have a DListView
This lists all the players on the server.
Now when i RIGHT click a player (it already does somthing on left click)
on the list i want it to open a DermaMenu.
I know derma quite well and i’m not one to be held back.

In my efforts to achive this goal i tried using undocumented function:
DListView.OnRowRightClick aka ( function List:OnRowRightClick () over riding the function as your ment to do)

from this i needed to know how the function works so using {…} and print table i discovered its inputs where: a number then a panel. (i mean a button for each player)

After several hours trying to make use of this i am bafled. The number is that of the line i right click. I belive the panel is the line as a panel. Sadly when ever i try to compare/use any of these it never works.

sugestions anybody.

sofar tried table of players indexed by line numbers. (FAILED)
storeing line.ply = player then saying ply = line.ply later (FAILED)

I have checked my entire code and its tight if i link it to a set of buttons it works just dosnt fit with my goal here.

[lua]local line = your_list:AddLine(“Stuff”,“Goes”,“Here”)
function line:OnRightClick()
– vgui.Create(“DFrame”) or whatever
– Note: the name is equal to self:GetValue(1) or whatever column it’s in

That’s how I’ve done it in the past. AddLine returns a DListView_Line, which has an easy to use OnRightClick function.

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