Question for garry about cheaters

Dear Garry

I have a question about the punishment for the people who play with a cheater on their group, actually the reports on twitter it just for people who play with cheaters but not for people who play with a cheater, so my question is the next, what happend if there’s a clan playing with a cheater in their group it is punishable? and if it is whats the punishment for that? I appreciate the time that you waste to read my questions and i hope you can answer me.

Thank you.

You shouldn’t be playing with a cheater - whether you’re going to get punished or not. Don’t encourage this idiocy.

That’s not my question, i need know if i can report people who do.

It’s a good point - but there is no easy solution.

Hard to ban someone for just being near someone hacking. And hard to verify that someone was actually playing with a hacker. You have to check for manual bans. That is why private servers with Admins can do this, but it wont happen on official servers.

Do you not see the threads where people are being banned from official servers by devs when they catch people running with hackers and benefiting from them? Holmzy clearly told one guy that he was server-banned for raiding with a noclipping hacker, and the hacker was EAC’d.

However, this process is necessarily manual, so it’s not perfect or instant.

No actually. I can’t ever remember someone being banned because a player near them was hacking. Maybe there was this one case that you mentioned, but I don’t remember it.

You are not suggestion players start reporting players for being with Hackers? What a waste of time if FP staff actually looked in to it.

No, the hacker was reported; and when the dev investigated, he caught a hacker running with one or more “legit” players in the act, and punished all of them appropriately. And this isn’t the only one. It’s definitely happening. The above three were by Craig, but Holmzy got this guy, too.

Maybe you should lurk more before you make silly assumptions. :v:

In our server ppl will often send hacker after ur clan, that happend 3 times so far. He even admits in game that he has friends(prolly his other acc) that they use when raiding to see where ur loot chests are, so that they dont waste c4… Its so fucking lame…

I would hope that one day rust will have system in place that can see what hackers stole from you so that they can replace it… It kinda sucks when u get ur shit jacked then hacker gets banned and u dont have chance to get it back.

you are already reported in vac and here for using cheats by using a second account to make the first rich.