Question for garry about the early access applications


So a few months back I posted my application for early access to S&box, but since then I have done a lot more things that I could add to my application, and I want to change what I’m applying for from mapping to gamemode creation. I know there are some other people who want to do the same.
Is there any way that we can edit/resubmit an application?


would love the option too. :heart:

I sent my application almost 3 months ago and since then I changed my main focus from addon creation to helping other and doing my own C# Projects. So would love to change my category from Addons to C# Programming.
[here is my comment on the matter to make it be seen more]


I feel you, I’ve made a typo writing my surname


You should’ve added a link to a resume, a github profile or other external resource listing your info of some sort that you could update at any moment, it’s a shame that you haven’t thought about it in time.

Also, I don’t want to sound offensive or anything, it’s great that there are people who are willing to help the project development ASAP in all ways possible, but probably if you changed your mind about what exactly you’d like to do in just a few months, you weren’t so certain about being strong in that particular field at the time of applying, which you think now changed a few weeks or months after applying. My point is, chances are you are still not that experienced in the field to apply for that field (there are just too many really experienced people who are doing their stuff for years and years already to compete with), so I wouldn’t worry so much.

Also, Facepunch are probably only gonna check out these applications once they feel that they need a person or two helping to handle lots of work in a particular area where they can’t handle it themselves, I’d imagine them looking through a particular category of applicants (programmers, modelers, mappers, etc.) to find the best one or two people and contact them.

I applied myself but I don’t expect my application to even be seen at all, not because I feel like I’m a bad programmer or anything, that’s more of a question of Facepunch ever seeking for a developer in that field and not finding someone directly so they’d need to actually look through these applications.

Also, there’s a chance that all these application form shenanigans were created just to avoid at least a part of all the “PLEASE HIRE ME I LIKE S&BOX SO MUCH I CAN POSE RAGDOLLS REAL NICE” shit, but maybe it’s just my imagination (that’s what I’d do :D).

A bit off topic, but it’s more of a message to more people worrying about their applications looking very nice and being sent in time and being super fresh and relevant.

Just be the best candidate out there and if there will be a perfect job for you and you will want it, you will probably get it regardless of your application form, improve your skills, show off your work, you won’t be missed.

Best wishes to everyone and don’t worry, you’re good!


The majority of people didn’t even apply for a job, but for Early Access, where I assume the bar is lower.


Yeah, I applied for early access and I mainly just want to change what I’m applying for to gamemodes, which in my opinion S&box would need the most, and I’m far more proficient in making gamemodes than what I originally applied for.

Would really appreciate it if we would get a response from @garry :smile: