Question for Garry or whoever knows the answer

So here goes:

Why can’t anybody create their own server? I mean the non-dedicated servers. There is an option “start multiplayer” in menu but once it’s created nobody can join the game. Ok, I understand that if somebody wants to run a massive server with like 100 people online, it’s better to buy a dedicated one, so there are no lags, and it’s stable and active at all times, but if somebody wants to play with a friend it’s a pain. When I want to play I need to connect to a server and download tons of data that is sometimes useless for me, or (if I unselect the option in menu) watch thousands of big red errors floating around, getting annoyed by lags (which would be definitely smaller if there were only two people online), and by another people disturbing me. It’s really inconvinient.

I mean, what’s the point of not allowing people to create private servers? Would this cause a smaller income or something?

I paid 10 bucks for a game which I thought was supposed to be a community, to be about bulding stuff with other people, not just minding my own bussiness while poeple could do so much more if they worked together, and unability to create my own server to play with friends makes this difficult. I’m kind of guy who likes logic. I’ve been trying to figure that out and I still don’t get it. Other games with multiplayer have no problem with creating private servers, and some of those are games developed by big companies that are all about income, so I don’t think such a possibility would make it smaller.

Whatever the reason is, I’m willing to get over it, I don’t expect Garry to suddenly make this avaible, but If You, Garry, or anybody else who knows the answer, could take a moment and tell me what the reason is, it would be very good for me, as well as other people new to Gmod.

Thank You in advance, and I’m sorry for the time taken if there was a question like that asked by somebody already (I wasn’t able to find one), and if the question is noobish. I’m a Gmod novice.

You can get hamachi, its like a lan party, without people at your place.

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It’s also called hosting a listen server, you either have to open certain ports or something.

Start Multiplayer is what you’re looking for, if no one is joining then you need to open your ports.

Already tried hamachi, and already did the port forwarding thing. I’m not certain I did it properly though, couldn’t find any good tutorial how to do it. By the way I requested one in this thread:

but nobody answered me so far.

yeah, already seen this website, whatever I click, it shows me the advert about a program for port forwarding that I have to buy. I got a program like that but a free one. It’s called simple port Forwarding. But even after forwarding ports I found on the web that have to be open for gmod, my friend still can’t join. (I forwaded ports 27015 and 27000)

The ports for all Source games are:

TCP: 27014-27050
UDP: 4380, 27000-27030

Forward those and people should be able to join your server. If they don’t see it right away go to give them your ip, and have them type Connect “Your IP”.

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In the Console, that is.

Ok, I will try this out once my friend goes online which, I’m afraid, won’t happen any time soon, cause he was last online 13 days ago for some reason.

I can help you check if it works if you like.

alright then, let’s go

What’s your steam name?

I sent it to You on pm.

Where do you do that? I was wondering how to do this as well, though I don’t know much about forwarding ports, whatswhatever :S

In your routers console. You type in yours routers ip in the browser, enter the password and there it is. is your routers control panel (enter in internet browser)

Open up your command prompt, and type in ipconfig. You should see a few things come up, one being “Default Gateway” that’s the one you want, so type that in your browser, and you should end up at your router/modem’s settings.

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It’s not always, it depends on your ISP. Mine, for instance, is

(Checked) Local Area Network.

Create Multiplayer Game

sv_lan 0

I had a few people join mine, when I had to shut it down cause I left.
Just be warned, everybody’s gotta download all the shit you have. Unless they edit their settings.

Source engine :eng99: