Question for Gary Newman/Rust Developers

I’m not entirely sure how to contact these folks. Through Twitter? Facebook? W/e new social-thing is going on? I figured I’d post it here:

What direction do you see Rust going in?

Are things going to become more scarce, making it more of a survival-oriented game, where houses are a rarity and guns a treasure? Or maybe more PvP oriented, with an huge array of complex, strategic weaponry?

I really enjoy the game, and can see it viably going in many different directions; is there a particular path you’ve got in mind?

no gary newman here

garry newman on the other hand

Gary Numan is reported to have said “Here in my car. I feel safest of all. I can lock all my doors. It’s the only way to live. In cars.”

So from this I can take that buildings are being removed and cars are going to replace them.

Welcome to last June. From garry’s official blog:

They haven’t seemed to substantially change direction from the vision described here since the post was published.