Question for HL2RP Servers

I’ve been wondering about HL2RP servers needing staff, and I have always had an interest to become a staff member on an HL2RP server. I think i’m competent enough, I take the type of role play seriously, just as much as my love for the game itself, Half Life 2. I’ve been looking around on the web, searching for HL2RP servers that may require new staff, but I have not been successful in doing so. So, I instead decided to have the servers come to me, by making this thread.

Not sure if many people may actually respond to this thread in regards to needing staff, but hopefully I do. If anyone does know any servers, or recently started servers that require staff, please be sure to respond to this thread, I would greatly appreciate it if you did. Thanks!

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(User was permabanned for this post ("gimmick" - postal))

I will once someone actually helps me out here :wave:

The practical approach is to become a regular on a server and become friends with the moderators. Get promoted by proving your ethics.

Not just by posting on facepunch and waiting for the magic to happen.
HL2RP ont search staff like this, they usually make people that joins regurlarly a server, rolls perfectly and knows all the rules.

HL2RP has no meaning it needs to be more that just run around and get hit by cops. You need a menu button for picking up stuff, level system, hungry, objective, exc… then you can worry about staff.

A higher chance of you becoming part of the staff team is telling them about your REAL (Not fake) past staff experiences in other servers for example : How you handled situtations, how you could break an endless argument. Yes, you can become staff if you follow the rules and understand serious roleplay, but being an admin is another step instead of just being good at roleplay, it’s about taking actions with the correct behaviour. But i don’t think you should take advice from someone who hasn’t been a good staff member such as me.