Question: How to earn money as a Server?

I wanted to know in the near future, if there is going to be a system from facepunch.
That will allow servers to be funded or can earn money, While you have people login into your server?

Yes it seems a dumb question, but spending 30 to 80 Dollars a month for a server is quite expensive!

ads on server webpage, contributors/donations.

You can do a “VIP” starter pack for people that donates more than 5 dollars (a 2x1 house or something like that)

I dont think facepunch should deal with this. It’s your server and you should/could do anything you want to with it. It’s fully up to you on doing somenthing that could earn you some money.

If your server is good and the playerbase apreciate the server i’m quite sure that a community funding woul work.

Most hosting company these days allow a sort of ‘Clan pay’ option where you can split the cost between several individuals see below

Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service

Thats from a company called multiplay (i don’t know how good they are so don’t go with these just cause i mentioned them).

So if you have friends who want to all be admins you can all put your money together to pay.

I would recommend doing this with people you trust, to avoid upset and billing issues.

have the players love the server so much that they’d love to pay money to keep it alive

We have a server donation banner included with our hosting that we direct people to use.

If you can’t afford the $20/mo for a server maybe you should get a job. Asking for donations to run a server at $20 is a joke.

gameservers has servers at 15$ a month and they’re good…

Noone said anything about asknig for donations. He is simply asking for ideas. I have a “public” dedicated server where i host various game with my own community and forum where i simply added a small bar on top of the page showing how much the server cost and added a donation buttom. Some people simply enjoy supporting the community.

In my opinion this is the best way to do this. VIP stuff and asking people to give money for admin status will NOT work on rust. Your better choice would be to build a solid and nice community. Make your server so good that people will enjoy playing there. One of the things rust lacks now is a “oficial-like” server with active and fair admins. People will donate if they want.

Asking for ideas? The title of the thread is “how to make money as a server”.

If someone can’t afford $20 a month for a Rust server then they don’t deserve to be a server owner.

Why on Earth would Facepunch build into Rust the equivalent of holding out your hat and telling people that if money doesn’t land in it, the server bill isn’t getting paid?

If you can’t afford $20/month, and you can’t even organize your own fundraising efforts to have players who like your server help pay that $20/month if there’s some good reason you can’t afford it yourself, you shouldn’t be a server owner.

At first I thought the OP was asking if there was a way for Facepunch to subsidize private servers to encourage people to buy the game.

charge people $20 to let them do whatever they want without getting banned

trust me, you’ll be rich in no time

It’s not about Donations. I wanted to know if there is ever going to be access to some type of server that will allow people to login and you get a commission or funds.

Not just to fund the server, But to make living out of it too.

How would that work? that just because people are on you would get money for it?
That won’t work unless you put up ads and get someone to pay you for that

making a living off of anything online, especially as simple as running a server, is a pipe dream at best. Supplementing your income with multiple small sources of coinflow ($0.xx) is a possibility if you really know what you’re doing. Anything that tells you otherwise is likely a scam or too good to be true.

Where does the money come from in this scenario? Who’s paying you to have people playing on your server?

He’s probably thinking of facepunch, similar to what youtube does but without the ads. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many players you have on your server, the profit was made when the players bought the game, it is irrelevant if they are playing on your server or not even playing at all.

Even if there was extra profit to be made, why pay you to host the server when they can host it themselves?

Yeah, Facepunch is not paying out like that. That is not happening. :v:

I’m not even a dev and I can tell you that.

This has worked for me.

I’ve only had about 1000 steam accounts connect to my server over the 4 months I’ve had it, haven’t promoted it anywhere (think I put a server post in here a while back, but that got maybe 10 players nothing more), and the average playercount is about 0-3 offpeak, 5-8 peak at the moment, yet on the books I’m still up.

Spent about $55+55+35+35 on hosting = $180
Took in $25+25+25+25+25+20+20+10+5+5+5 = $190

Unfortunately I’ve also spent about 300-400hrs on the server doing admin stuff and mods sooooo yeah it’s still a moneysink in real terms, but I’m not technically out of pocket (even with how expensive Australian hosts are, for something that isn’t shit) :stuck_out_tongue:

The vast majority of those amounts taken in were no-strings-attached donations, not in exchange for donator perks in any way - they just wanted to see the server survive, and for me to stick around because they appreciated my work, and fair stance on the admin side of things.

Edit: You’ve got Facepunch forums, Oxide forums (assuming you use that), Reddit, Toprustservers, and a half dozen smaller joints if you really want to put in the time - to write a decent post on each for your server. You have mods on any of the major frameworks to provide information in a server welcome message when people join, or automatic periodic messages, to communicate details about how to donate to you or contact you… Just make it easy to get in touch with you (without being annoying about it), and people will throw you some coin if they think you’re doing a good job.

You’re in the service industry here - but you won’t get tipped unless you’re providing very good service. Think non-US tipping :wink: