QUESTION: How to get prevent extra bone creation in Milkshape 3D?

Hello everybody.
I have a 3D model in .SMD format. I want to import it into MilkShape 3D, delete unnecessary bones, and export as .x
However, during the export, it seems that MilkShape3D always create 2 ‘root’ bones. It occurs for every .x export.

Anybody knew how to prevent those ‘root’ bones from being created during export?
Thanks in advance.

Milkshape is an ancient, outdated program - i doubt the additional bones can be prevented.

Okay this is weird.
I’ve also just tried to export the model to .x using Blender, but the result seems to be the same.
The exported model still have bone number 0 and 1 that does not have any mesh associated with them. Those bones seem to be located in-between the character feet. But I can’t find them in Blender.
I’m positive I’ve deleted all bones that dont have their own mesh.
Can somebody take a look at the .blend file? How to get rid of those additional bones?

The only time I have experienced that was when I exported a hidden mesh. The hidden mesh would then show up as a bone in between the feet.

Doesn’t look like it’s the problem of that particular model; all models that was exported in .x format seems to have that extra bone.

Can anybody who had 3DSMax try?

The additional bones are created by the exporter processing the mesh, if you’re lucky, you might be able to remove them by manually editing the .x file using a text editor.