Question [Is it worth it?] || LF> Group.

Basically, i’ll put together two questions.

Question 1: Is this game worth getting? Is it fun and worth the money?

Question 2: If I purchased this game, I am looking for a group to play with. Mature groups are highly recommended.

Age: 21

Location: California, USA.

Language: Only English.

Form of communication: Skype, TS. Others is fine.

If you need more, please comment or message me. If you are interested in allowing me to join you’re group, please message or comment a way to contact you <3


Buy it Seymore!!

I bought this game when it first came out ( legacy launch ) and if you like competitive PVP/Survival games this one is one of the best out there and the devs are very impressive they have millions of dollars yet they have not run off with hookers and blow. Instead they keep updating this game and it gets more amazing every week.

Yes there are a few bugs but if they keep getting reported they keep getting fixed and new weapons/features get added often.

I definitely recommend it, but keep in mind it is in alpha and since it’s a competitive pvp game there are a-lot of asshats.

Not right now. If you have a midrange computer it might not even run well for you. Some people get really low (30 or less) FPS.

So make sure you can run the game, then consider getting it.

Well, I bought the game. Now i’m looking for a group of ppl to play with lol.

Add me on steam p.mike