Question: Melonracer, Why do teleporters not work!?

Dear Community,
I redesign maps for Melonracer under Gmod 10 and I ghave the question why teleporter entities do not work under the Mod!??
Garry’s Mod 10
Hammer (via Steam)
Hammer Config: Counter-Strike Source

PS: And why do trigger_hurt 's not work???

No really , whyy???

Crappy PC?


Maybe because the melon is indestructible until he decides when to getting destroyed?
And of course because the player is SPECTATING,this means that anything cannot damage him.
When you create a sent and then change the model,it will become indestructible,it will lose all it’s breakable attributes,it will break again only via lua code.

Because you’re not giving it flags to hurt the entitiy, only the player. It works otherwise.