Question of Gamemode

Okay so Ive been trying to play around with DarkRP and ive noticed if you change the Folder name to say something other than the name DarkRP it disappears from your gamemode at the bottom right So then I thought I’d try and change it to something else such as 1942RP and nothing still wasn’t showing is there anyway of doing that so my server shows up in the 1942RP list instead of DarkRP lists. thanks in advance.

  1. If you’re trying to change the directory, find the shared.lua file and change the gamemode name.

  2. If you’re going to try and make a 1942RP out of Coderhire scripts, don’t.

And why not whats wrong with using Coderhire scripts on a 1942RP Gamemode?

It’s already been done.

Good luck though.

I presume this is PoG 1942RP were talking about.


Also 1944RPG falls under the same directory.

But I’m not going to argue, close the thread if your issue is solved.

Still isn’t solved Couldn’t find the Shared.lua file where about would it be?

I just looked, I was wrong.

Its in darkrp/darkrp.txt

Just change the title.

Okay I changed the title inside like this “darkrp”
“base” “sandbox”
“title” “1942RP”
“version” “2.5.1”
“menusystem” “1”

"author_name"   "LightRP: Rick darkalonio, DarkRP: Rickster, Pcwizdan, Sibre, philxyz, [GNC] Matt, Chrome Bolt, FPtje Falco, Eusion, Drakehawke"
"author_email"  ""
"author_url"    ""

"icon"  ""
"info"  ""
"hide"  "0"

all it did was change the title of the gamemode ingame to 1942RP but didn’t move the gamemode to 1942 server area unless you meant the .txt to 1942.txt?

Yes, change the text file, aswell to 1942RP.txt

Weirdly did all that and nothing changed it’s still in the Darkrp section of servers.