Question on DarkRP - Customising since steampipe update

Hey guys,

I use to help run a server for DarkRP before the steamcmd and steampipe changes and now have my own community.

I’m a bit confused on how things download to clients now, so far I have worked out how collections work and adding the collection ID to server so people can get the addons.

However how do I go about customising job player models? I assume the theory is that you add the player model to your normal workshop collection but what I don’t understand is that my server files has no “models” folder to add the models to link in the shared.lua or similar. (Maybe I have to manually create this?)

Is there a document somewhere about how to do this?


  1. What is “Add.resource” I keep seeing around?
  2. Is the new way to do this using “resource” packs? If so I think I saw a resource file creator on the web.

Thanks, just need a push in the right direction.

resource.AddFile is the old way to mark files for client download by fastdl-- AddWorkshop is the new way. Just stick your content in an addon on the workshop and do resouce.AddWorkshop(id of your addon).

So for “stick you content in an addon” do you mean from workshop as in adding it to my collection or downloading via SVN/zip download?

Where do I do the resource.addworkshop, do I manually create this and save it? if so where?

Appreciate your help!