Question on Flashlight mod and research kit

I have one now but if I get another could it be researched?

Can flashlight mods be turned off while you have it attached to gun?

Before you attach the flashlight mod to any gun, make sure you have a research kit, paper, and a workbench.
When you research the flashlight mod by dragging the research kit over the flashlight mod, while near a workbench, you will get the flashlight blueprint (This is not a paper, this is a hardwired skill in your head), meaning you can now make flashlight mods as long as you have the resources to build them.
Attach the flashlight mod to a weapon that has a mod slot, the mod slot looks like a white empty square on the weapon, you will now notice a full white square, meaning you attached the mod.
You can turn on and off the flashlight on your weapon by pressing G, unless you changed the hot key.
If any other weapon has a flashlight mod, you can switch weapons and the flashlight will be on / off, depending on the last weapon you have had equipped if the flashlight was on / off. Same with the red dot / laser pointer.