Question on Gmod.

Okay, so in Gmod, whenever I start it up, it seems the same 30+ items keep downloading. Whats happening to make them do this, and how do I fix it? Not insanely important to solve this, I’m good to wait the minute or so it takes.

Unless there were updates to whatever mods you’re subscribed to on the workshop that keep re-downloading themselves, I’d say it might be a bugged add-on. Try unsubscribing from the mods in question and removing them, then re-subscribing to them one-by-one. It’s a bit time consuming, but that worked for me when I ran into that issue a while back.

Ahh. Thank you for the answer. Since Gmod AND Steam decide to stop working on startup of Gmod, I’ll have to.

Don’t subscribe to dupes and saves