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This may sound dumb, but since I know very little of Rust’s engine and have heard a lot of things from many different people, I have to ask this. I’ve heard of people saying game “hacks” that can be done by modifying local files which in turn can affect the entire serverside aspect. I’ve also heard people say that hackers can inject viruses or cheats into files on their clientside, apply them to items in-game, and those items can, in turn, spread their own hacked configuration to other users. Simply put; someone said that they had major game issues after killing a flyhacker (whom just “let himself die”) and taking the hacker’s shotgun, and they blamed it on the possibility of the cheater having used clientside exploits to affect serverside files. I’m wondering if it actually is possible for hackers to configure local files and inject them over the server to other users like this.

Clients can only affect clientside stuff. Unless there is a huge exploit in which clients can access server-side files, clients won’t be able to change anything other than their HUD, view-angle… you know, things that exist on their specific copy of the game without affecting others or the server.

Sorry but… what, first time I’ve heard of this? Hackers usually exploit client side files… for example modifying run speed… recoil etc, or inject packets with new values usually not attainable for normal users. As for items…

there are ways to trick the server into giving you more then a certain attained item which could lead to dupes (but this is usually patched). Injecting their client side files to other players in files for rust isn’t impossible but VERY VERY unlikely(but possible, just look at FFXIV, they had raw unprotected SQL commands in their client which allowed users to freely exploit other users and do lots of crazy things). A few things would need to happen for this to be somewhat plausible.

  1. Hacker would require some way to upload the files to the server… either brute forcing his way into the server or keylogging/tricking people to get the info.

  2. Hacker would need to find an exploit in the server and client (plugins possibly?)

Either way, this is REALLY unlikely. The “hacker” (better known as script kiddie who paid for hacks) is probably just using some lame boot shell from hackforums(which btw, can easily be traced to the user) he bought for 10 bucks to DDoS the server constantly or something.

I think an even more plausible reason to why their server is lagging would be that the old version of the map on the server is being used on the latest patch, which I’ve heard is causing issues.

TLDR, most likely not, probably just need to wipe server because of latest patch

If a hacker always hacks clientside, how is it possible for them to jump 1000ft in the air?? The height of a jump is a serverside setting, isnt it?

sadly its true, theres a exploit going around if someone deletes a file client side, it deletes walls in the game,i wont say how its done as i dont agree with people exploiting but its been reported to the devs and hopefully is somthing they can fix

They’re most likely making use of the fact that the client and server have to sync player positions at fairly regular intervals to inject client side, custom locations (in mid air) over to the server. Don’t want to make any further suggestions about how this would work, as I’d rather not inspire any budding script authors further, in all honesty.

I seem to recall someone mentioning that there were some major issues on Battlefield4 because of this problem, as the sync happens (or was happening) approximately 10 times less often on BF4 than the commonly accepted norm, meaning that a player could appear to get aimbot like kills because the server hasn’t synced to show them moving and firing quite legitimately before your client is told you’ve received a kill shot.

Forcing data to a server is typically a pretty convoluted process, and very few hacks will do so successfully, or for very long (even really bad dev/admins can spot the discrepancies after a while) They generally rely on the latency between what happens on the client and it’s syncronisation with the server to convince the system that hacked up “stuff” has really happened, and the range of “stuff” that can be affected is determined by what information is handled by the client and fed to the server (and so is editable), and what is handled by the server and fed to the client (and so isn’t editable)

As others have said, most hacks are client side and only affect the host pc, and rely on modification of the way that the game appears on screen, so that hit boxes are visible, terrain has transparent textures, and information that would normally be hidden from the player is visible (such as in “GPS” style hacks for example) and can then essentially use that info to run the client on “autopilot” - leading to aimbots which automatically snap to the center of hit boxes, and so on.

The walls don’t vanish for everyone, just for the user that deleted the file, making it client side, not server side.

That is because the server doesn’t check for that yet. When I mean client side cheating, it can also mean injecting false packets to the server which are believable for the server (think about a laggy player, how can the server tell if you are speed hacking or if you had a lag spike). People have accidentally glitched 1000 feet up due to the gate bug and crate bugs… etc. If they banned based on height, then the legit people would also get banned for the bug.

Well, now that you talk about…

One of those days the option CENSOR has been disabled in my PC, and I never even tried that crap.

So, now I’m believing someone probably hacked my settings.

The grass also got removed, but I always had it and never had removed it (now I have to manually put the grass everytime, don’t know why).

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